Primus, in partnership with strategic allies, provides its own proprietary products in two areas, Migration and Financial Management Systems. 


Primus has a unique tool and methodology for migration from Legacy systems to n-tier systems.  This allows companies to migrate to a dynamic database while maintaining their unique business processes.

Financials Management Systems

Primus EO is designed for Small Enterprises with core users of around 25 to 50.  EO uses Microsoft Access. It can be upsized to SQL Server. If need be, we can offer EO to use any database because it is ODBC compliant.  EO can be implemented for any vertical market application like hospital management, gas / service station management, hotel / restaurants management, trade or industrial management.  License fees for 25 concurrent users would be approximately US$ 60k-US$75k.  To keep costs low, support, after sales service, trouble shooting and debugging (if necessary) would be done over the web.

Primus EO offers a cost effective and customized solution for small to medium sized organizations that have small budgets but would like to embrace the efficiencies and opportunities that technology offers.

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